The Rumble Bar Garage Parking Guide Kit contains all you need for a quick and simple installation. Either bolt them down or use the glue for an even simpler installation.
Rumble Bar Parking Guide Kit Contents. 2 X Yellow 300MM Rumble Bars, 4 X Fixing bolts, 1 X Loctite adhesive.
The 300MM YELLOW Rumble Bar has 2 reflectors on each side and even has reflectors on the end. So it is very easy to see when you drive into your garage, both day and night.
Simple position each Rumble Bar Parking Guide under the wheel where you wish your vehicle to stop. Once you have the positioning correct either bolt or glue the Rumble Bars into position. Now every time you park in your garage you know you are in the correct position and not going to hit the wall.
Position the Rumble Parking garage Parking Guides the correct distance away from the wall. This ensures that you won't damage your car hitting the wall and can also give you space to walk around the car. Simple park your car where you want it to be and then place the Rumble Bars under the front of the tyres. Remove the vehicle and then fit the Rumble Bars, with either the fixings bolts or the Loctite adhesive, both supplied in the kit.
The 300MM YELLOW Rumble Bars (2 Supplied in the Kit) are highly visual with the YELLOW Rubber and Yellow Side reflectors.
Position each of the 2 Yellow 300MM Rumble Bars under the wheels closest to the garage wall. Then, each time your enter your garage you will know exactly where to park and you will always come to rest in the right spot. The Rumble Bar Parking Guides can also be used a wheel stops or wheel chocks under the trailer wheels of your boat or caravan.
Positioned correctly the Rumble Bar Garage Parking guide will stop you in the correct parking position every time. No more worrying about if you are going to hit the garage wall.
Position the Rumble Parking Guides in a position that gives you back some of the room at the front of your parked car that you usually leave clear because you are not sure how far to drive in. They can be positioned fro either a forward or a reverse park.
A Rumble Bar Garage Parking Guide positioned correctly under each wheel will prevent you from accidentally rolling too far forward and hitting the garage wall. Save yourself the grief and damage by installing your new Rumble Bar Parking Guides today. Another great use is to position them under the rear wheels of your vehicle so when you reverse in you still have room to access the trunk or boot and open the tailgate.

Rumble Bar Garage Parking Guides

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The Speed Humps Australia Rumble Bar Parking Guide is the perfect accessory for your home or office garage or parking space.

Positioned the correct distance from the garage wall this handy product will prevent your car from touching or hitting the wall of your parking garage or parking spot.

These 300MM YELLOW Rumble Bars are highly visual and easily spotted with the large reflectors as you pull into your parking space.

Line yourself up with the Rumble Bar Parking Guides as you pull into your parking space and gently pull up and rest against these Parking Guides at the perfect distance from the wall.

You will park in the correct spot every time! You can position them at any distance from the wall so that you car fits nicely into its parking bay. You can set them back a bit if you have room to allow for storage in front of the car or for you to be able to walk around your vehicle.

Either nose in or reverse it, you choose!

In the Rumble Bar Parking Guide Kit you will find:

2 X 300MM YELLOW Rumble Bars with large reflectors

(Dimensions 300MM (L) X 170MM (W) X 50MM (H)

4 X Fixings

1 X Glue.


You can either just place them on the garage floor, without using fixings or glue as a temporary measure that you can move for different length vehicles.

Or you can fix them in place with either the fixing bolts supplied or the more easier way is to use the supplied adhesive.


Never hit the garage wall again.

A great gift for anyone looking to protect their car or their garage wall.

Order your  Rumble Bar Parking Guide Kit today.